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Why ZeroPoint Systems LLC

What we are all about

Our clients use ZeroPoint Systems as if it were their own internal IT department. Outsourcing this area of your company's operations to us, allows you to reallocate resources to the focus of your business and gain immediate access to a highly skilled and experienced technology team.

Where to find us

ZPS specializes in start-up, small company growth and building a strong technology-driven foundation. Our efforts focus on planning, training and execution. We provided a range of services, all of which are tested and proven to be highly valuable and cost-effective for today's small businesses. Many companies are not large enough to justify having a full-time IT person (or group) on staff to manage their systems. We provide the virtual IT team for your company. We provide a customized level of support for each of our clients. Depending on their size, the complexity of their systems, and the technical knowledge level of their staff, we work together with our clients to define what the right amount of support is for their unique situation. 

Where to start

We start with the basics by providing sound advice and strategy on how to best manage your technology systems in a cost effect and productive way. We see ourselves as an extension of your company's management team and our recommendations are always based on the question: 

"What would be best for the company?"

About Us

Our team


Ryan Greene -  Principal, Managed Services and Solutions - 15+ years system integration, managing support teams, audio/video specialist

John Faria -  Director of Program Management, Lead Enterprise Systems Consultant

Kyle Kabala - Storage Expert & Big Data Specialist

Josh Smith - Technical Support Specialist - System Training - Project Management

Mark Wooding - Graphics Design, Training and Marketing

Our history


ZeroPoint System LLC officially started in 2017 when several Managed IT Service providers came together with a goal to combine their knowledge to assist with advancing a company's technology landscape. With over 25 years of combined experience in business technology, providing IT support services and going above and beyond for customers, we hope you let us show you what we can do. By going back to basics, ZPS hopes to advance your technology usage and understanding but only after a solid base is built. From that base, additional systems and services can safely be added to your business without risk on moving away from understood technologies and potential security and data protection concerns. 

Our philosophical approach to working with our clients is based on our background in "big corporate" IT. In these environments, IT is a 24x7 operation, and one where streamlining certain tasks yields enormous benefits in efficiency and a reduction in errors. We bring this approach to our clients by implementing standardization, documentation, monitoring systems, and other tools (like the ability to remotely access any computer, even when away from the office) to calm the typically chaotic and disorderly approach to IT that can happen to small businesses. The benefit to our clients is a significant reduction in technical issues and operating a more predictable environment.

Our specialties


Managed Network Services - Leveraging ZPS monitoring systems we can remotely track the health metrics of all of the system on your network. With our automated alerting mechanism, we can remotely diagnose and manage the systems for maximum up-time and reliability. Its like having an automated staff member that is working on your systems 24x7, watching the systems for you.

Help Desk Support -ZPS provides direct assistance to your team or can provide complete day-to-day coverage of supporting users and systems. We can work on-site assisting users with technical related issues, deploying workstations and configuring network hardware. While off-site, we can take control of a user's system and provide remote troubleshooting support to get the user working and back to being productive. Customized ticketing or support systems can be configured for what works best for your environment.

System Design and Implementation - As your organization grows and changes, ZPS can continuously optimize your network and infrastructure to keep up with evolving systems. When the need arises to move servers or infrastructure components to the cloud or merging multiple companies, we can work with IT staff to quickly assimilate the changes and integrate them with your existing network. 

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